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This game is set about 14 years after Darth Sidious was hailed as Emperor Palpatine and the dark times fell upon the galaxy. From a functional standpoint, that means it is the year 6BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin, which took place at the end of A New Hope). The Jedi are nearly extinct and those few that survived Order 66 have scattered and are in hiding. Due to their rarity even before Order 66 combined with the propaganda being spread by the Emperor’s administration, most citizens think of the Jedi as traitors, and think their powers are merely myths and legends.

The player characters are fringers: smugglers, bounty hunters, hired muscle or just those trying to survive out on the nearly lawless Outer Rim of the galaxy. We will be starting the game on Nar Shaddaa (The Smuggler’s Moon). Your characters could be new arrivals or have been eking out a living amongst the criminals and desperate souls that make up the bulk of the moon’s population.

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