Delusions of Grandeur

Pig's Log #2


Nar Shadaa has one truth, you are Hutt or you are slave. If slave works, keeps head low, is not strong or weak, he may forget about or never see his chain. The weak, lazy, or bad are crushed under weight of links, while strong pull hard against Hutt hand and is seen. If Hutt hand is strong and going same way, strong slave is rewarded, but watched carefully. If Hutt hand too weak, or pulled wrong way, strong slave is cut down as example. The Fist is growing strong and guides self, we tug harder and harder, but don’t know what hands hold us, this is dangerous game and soon we must learn or leave. I know this, but not smart or cunning like Hutt, will never know how Hutts work or who is who, I hope other fingers can.

The Fist is whole again. New finger is slicer from Hutt called Iota, he showed his strength today. We carved our way through the base, in a flash he magicked the doors and data from computers, and we head back to Hutt to finish job before a new surprise appeared. We got paid, but no new job, but this maybe good, give time to test chains, time to rest.

Before sleep, I think to bring opportunity to Fist clan, Nah’zar and I go hunt for rookie smuggler. We go to spacer bar, Nah’zar gamble, put on big show, & bait the game, I try to pull targets from pack to learn spacer secrets. I am as good at this as Nah’zar is at gambling, and we have lighter pockets now. Finally find woman who directs spacers, with many drinks she tells us of a smuggler going to Tattoine, his name, & slip number, we have target. Smog will help her forget what happened I hope.

After sleep I tell Fist clan about plan to ambush smuggler in space, chop him up, space pieces, and take cargo. It is bad plan, almost saved by good thinkers, but falls apart, probably for better. Joren and I talk long about what Fist should do. We both want more strength, he wants to stay here, I do not know why. I am not thinking like he thinking, talk is waste, I now leave thinking to thinkers, I Sever.

At this time Murff returns and tells about shop-keep who did not pay him after job. Fist will fix this. We get there, find Murff fixed droid, keep not pay, I say droid now ours and not leave until Murff happy. Keep did not scare, so I must show strength. Cannot kill, because that will pull on many chains, so I punch instead of sever…I may as well have severed, he is dead, but we have droid. This may be bad for us, but it is what it is, luckily, Joren find job that gets us away for a bit.

Not sure what Fist will do now, but I remember who I am, and Anger from when I became that, I am Sever, and I will do that to foe and chains for self and clan.



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