Short for the average gamorrean, but built like his daddy was a rancor. His leathery hide is less green than your classic and is graced with several small scars of varying age, but the one that you take notice of this the angry, jagged line running from his left temple to just to the left of center on his chin. His pride and joy, which is rarely if ever far from hand, is his mean looking serrated vibro ax.

Sever’s Character Sheet


Born the runt of his litter on Gamorr he was quickly traded to an aspiring hutt war lord, Velni, from Nar Shadaa. Velni was cruel and manipulative, and while ringing every credit out of their forced labor pitted his slaves against each other. Sever (Wee at the time), being the smallest was quickly singled out. This forced him to get strong, ruthless, and tactical quickly. After a few defensive victories, and much self-driven training, he awoke one night to take a crude ax to his face (the big scar). As a result he snapped, and gave over completely to his frustration and rage. Long story short, he brutally murdered everyone in the room with the ax he was assaulted with. During his morning rounds, Velni found sever among the piggy flotsam, which gave Sever the opportunity to finish his rampage.

Knowing he would surely be caught and executed, he fled, but being of simple wits, the agents of Velni’s sister,Lamu, caught him quickly. Lamu hated her brother, and was glad that her sadistic twin was no longer sullying her reputation, but couldn’t let the deed go unpunished. As a result, she decided to give Sever a chance to work off the expense of her brother’s demise. Only knowing one place, he hopped on the first ship headed back to Nar Shadaa, something like the Altered End?


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