Trandoshan Hired-Gun


(this is vague and dependent upon feedback from the chargen session).

Nah’zar belonged to a nomadic merchant tribe of Trandoshan slavers, who would sell enslaved Wookies and other species to Czerka under a Republic treaty. This agreement continued well into the dawn of the new Empire. Nah’zar’s people continued to trade with the Empire, despite their growing anti-human sentiment, until they themselves proved to a marketable asset. Nah’zar’s spacefaring tribe and others were brought to yolk as little more than hired guns and raiding parties under a particularly ruthless Imperial commander. Fueled by stories of their hunter/warrior ancestors, Nah’zar and some of his fellow Trandoshani violently broke ranks with their Imperial superiors. He and his novice junta escaped capture for quite some time, but were slowly whittled down to a handful of warriors by bounty hunters and the wide net of security, checkpoints, and Imperial rule. Eventually, they were forced to part ways to avoid capture.


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