Joren Gahal

Mon Calamari Soldier Medic


Escaping fates, seeking adventures, and dreaming of more was what Vrak and I always thought about. Growing up together and having each others backs on Mon Cal formed a lasting friendship that has remained through thick and thin. Lately there has been more thick than thin or maybe more thin than thick. In reality, it all really depends on how you look at it. Ever since the incident where Vrak was taken by the Second Legion there has conflict and turmoil with rival merc coalition, Maelstrom for which we both work. Our two merc outfits operate in and around the Hutt systems are constantly in direct competions for contracts. We are just two of many such outfits in the regular employ of the Hutt’s and whoever has the credits to get things done. The instability of the galaxy has led to many lucrative oportunites as a result.

Well, the main reason for the turmoil exists between Second Legion and Maelstrom is because both quality soldier medics and civilian doctors willing to engage in the operations of a merc coalition are few and far between. Vrak and I have that training. We trained to be soldiers on Mon Cal before deciding to find our way out in the stars to escape the increasingly poor environment on Mon Cal since we do not come from wealth. That life had been hard but we had each others back. Without Vrak I may not be here to talk about things. I suppose that goes both ways and applies to that scoundrel as well. Bottom line is that we have both pulled each others asses out of the fire more than once and that means something! We ventured out together and eventually ended up inbetween Mon Cal and Hutt space. There was a medic school and in light of the galaxies turmoil they were teaching specifically combat medic skills. We were lucky to get in the training and we used most of our credits to apply. We didn’t realize exactly how many doors the combat medic training would open but we were both picked up by Commander Axith shortly after we finished and started our current tenure in Maelstrom.

A while ago, we were on a job and it went sideways. Typical, right? I blame Second Legion for what happened but my decision didn’t help Vrak one bit and resulted in him almost getting ‘gekked’ right there. As it played out the asset we were retrieving had hired guns and those bantha fodder sleeze balls in the Second Legion tried to steal the asset right out from under our noses. The hired guns ended up taking out their medic and hit several of our guys. The "2L’ leader, Warlord Gloclus, was present for their op. He tried to order me to save their medic which later turned out to be his son. If our guys wouldn’t have been so badly hit then I might have been able to do something but by the time I made it over his son, Locogo, was too badly gone for me to save. I would have never guessed his next move because weapons were drawn and in a split second that Vrak was rounding a corner they grabbed him and promptly moved out before our reinforcements arrived. One would consider this move a bad move for business for merc-co’s but I could see the burning fire of hatred of a man that blamed me for his sons death and the loss of their medic. I haven’t seen Vrak in almost a week but I have to get him back. I have been trying to convince Commander Axith to reacquire Vrak but I don’t have enough money to hire us out. … Yet.

Oh, yeah. As of yesterday, I have a bounty on my head. I can only suspect Warlord Gloclus but outright bounty on another outfits medic is largely considered bad for business.

Joren Gahal

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