Jaedyn Cholis

Pantoran (Near-Human) Smuggler


Pantora is a large moon orbiting the frozen world of Orto Plutonia in the far edge of the Outer Rim, though Jaedyn Cholis does not remember being born there. Her first memories are living on Coruscant before being taken in by a Corelian ship captain by the name of Danil Koban.

Since then, Jaedyn has traveled much of the galaxy as a member of his crew, becoming an accomplished pilot. As often as not, the captain’s business ventures were of the less than legal variety and Jaedyn had to learn to protect herself and she’s not afraid to put a bolt through someone to do so. It suits her just fine to travel the Rim, make a few credit and avoid any entanglements with authorities, the Empire in particular.

Jaedyn Cholis

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