Delusions of Grandeur

By the skin of our teeth of our asses

Securing a job from Karo, we found ourselves underway from Tatooine to Wren. Our job was to break into an empire installation and destroy (or ideally) steal some advanced weapon parts. Wren is an inhospitable swampland of swampy goodness. After getting planetside, we formulated a plan that Joren and I would scout the road leading to the Empire installation, and see what intel we could gather. We were greeted by some tentacled swamp beast with a taste for (Mon) Calamari. Joren nealy lost his life, and my ineffectual marksmanship with a light blaster didn’t help. After finally scaring the beast away, we made it across the swamp and set up an observation position.
As we were doing this, Nah’zar and Sever scouted a cantina in the town of the little indigenous people, who incidentally aren’t very bright or advanced. They lean that these people trade with the empire regularly (mostly food). After we all regrouped, we decided to ambush an empire “convoy” and somehow use it to infiltrate the installation. We stopped a vehicle with 3 storm troopers, and an officer, after some creative blaster and vibroaxe work, we capture the sole survivor, who provided us with some more info about the empire’s setup. After feeding him to the swamp beast, we proceeded to masquerade as a harmless delivery run. Being the only human, it made the most sense for me to attempt to act the part of empire officer. After sever crafted some soap, we were able to clean the blood off the officer’s uniform. I suited up, and everyone got concealed in the back of the transport. After getting into the front gate of the installation, I made my way into the secured storage location. After a piss-ant sergeant gave me shit about not taking the “prisoners” to the brig (I pointed them out to enhance the ruse – not my last mistake) we had to detour. After ambling about the installation conspicuously, I made my way back to the warehouse, and went in to “drop our cargo off.” We found the weapon parts we were after, and tried to get the hell out of there before Sergeant Piss-Ant returned from checking on our prisoners at the brig. We were discovered, but barely scraped through the doors of the warehouse, and proceeded out the main gate. With Tie Fighters in hot pursuit, we opened up comms to the ship, and we rendezvoused before the empire could close the gap. We make it into orbit around Wren, and see a huge increase in Empire presence (most likely in response to our little caper). After going incognito, and then completing the mission, we head back to Nar Shada. Glad that one’s over!



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