The Last Stop

The Last Stop is a casino & club in the Red Light District of Nar Shaddaa owned by Karo the Hutt. It is in the worst part of the sector, surrounded on all sides by slave-operated brothels and cantinas frequented by the lowest of criminals.


The first floor is mostly comprised of gambling tables and machines. Sabbac, Jubilee Wheel, and Binspo are all popular attractions. Upstairs, patrons can find a nightclub flanked by tables where they can request table dances from the various (though largely Twi’lek) dancers. On the third floor, Karo watches the chaos and money streaming into his coffers in his VIP area and personal chambers.


Security is handled by a staff largely made up of Gamorreans, who aren’t afraid to end a disagreement with a patron with their vibroaxes. Karo employs a house band, The Hyperspace Hunger, though he often brings in other acts to supplement them. Wait staff and dancers come from all over the Outer Rim, generally indentured servants who got in too deep with the casino or are otherwise struggling to get by in the cut-throat society of Nar Shaddaa.

The Last Stop

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