Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa was the largest moon of Nal Hutta. More commonly known as the Vertical City, the Smuggler’s Moon and Little Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa is similar to Coruscant in that its surface has been entirely overgrown with city sprawl for millennia. But unlike Coruscant—which is only relatively rundown and dangerous on the lower and under levels of the world city—Nar Shaddaa is filthy, polluted, and infested with crime everywhere.

Nar Shaddaa Zones

Corellian Sector

Named for (but not to be confused with) the region of space, the so-called Corellian Sector is a well- frequented high-rise district on Nar Shaddaa. It is home to numerous trendy nightclubs, restaurants, and casinos. This area also houses many public merchant areas, as well as a very poorly patrolled warehouse district that smugglers make use of for hiding cargo. Of all the enterprises taking place here, none is more popular or profitable than gambling. Official and unofficial establishments are constantly opening and closing, providing everything from sabacc, Binspo, and Compmatch to more exotic pursuits such as betting on the podraces of Malastare and Tatooine. One locale, the Blood Pits, specializes in holocasting pit fights taking place around the galaxy. Betting on Nar Kreetan rancor fights is an especially popular pastime in this gambling den.



Old Duros Sector

During the days of the Old Republic, the Duros Sector did not share in the wealth flowing through the rest of Nar Shaddaa. The district was a slum populated by Duros, war refugees, and other rejects, including the Evocii. Both the transients and those beings who call the Duros Sector home were caught between the machinations of the old Sith Empire and the legendary Jedi Knights, but eventually they rose above their lots and made the Duros Sector a place they could be proud of.

With the coming of the Empire and the nationalization of the Trade Federation, the Duros Sector quickly fell into the same state as the rest of the Separatist holdings. Shops closed, security became nonexistent, and in less than a year at least three-quarters of the sector was abandoned to the poor and disenfranchised, who quickly took it over. Duros immigrants and refugees make up the majority of the population, though there are many members of other species here, as well. Unrest bubbles under the surface for these forgotten people, and at times influential leaders rise to fan the flames of revolt.

The Duros Menagerie of Exotic Species, once a shining star of the tourist industry on Nar Shaddaa, was neglected and ignored in the exodus. Soon, the dangerous predators housed within escaped and began to prey on the homeless who had taken up residence. Today, the Duros Sector is known as the Old Duros Sector, and it is a haunted ruin, home to lethal predators that lurk around every corner.

Red Light Sector

On a world known for illicit activity, an entire sector that specializes in such behavior becomes renowned throughout the galaxy. The Red Light Sector of Nar Shaddaa specializes in body enhancement, implants, illegal drugs, and more unusual pursuits. The businesses that operate here take great advantage of the moral flexibility of those who call the moon home to line their pockets with credits. Slavers and spice dealers operate alongside the bio-enhancement and pleasure shops, earning this area its well-deserved reputation for “anything goes."




In a city that spans an entire moon, the Undercity of Nar Shaddaa is a place so vile that even the hardiest bounty hunters and smugglers avoid it at all costs. Kilometers below the tallest landing pads and cantinas, the Undercity is home to mutants, escaped killers, lethal predators, and even worse. Resting deep below the towering structures comprising Nar Shaddaa’s ecumenopolis, the Undercity is home to shipyards owned by the Hutt Cartel. It is home to the Evocii of Evocar and the native Nar Shaddaa inhabitants, the Ganks.


  • Almgon Shipyards – Ship factory in the Undercity run by the Fa’athra Kajidic
  • Salit’s Saloon – Gorog the Gamorrean runs it. Actually a nice…ish place. Gambling
  • Lon’s – run by a human named Lon. Filthy. The dregs drink here
  • Hutt’s Hovel – A strip club. Takini love the place
  • Slammers Lounger – Named after the physical labor types who work the factory
  • Tallit’s Cantina – an attractive twilek named tallit owns the place. Hard-eyed. Slicers drink here a lot.
  • The Crash – slum sleeping conditions for workers at Almgon Shipyards
  • Talo korta – volunteer healthcare center
  • The Market – a black market that caters to the poor

Undercity Gangs

  • Slum Slicer – Tech gang
  • The Talents – Mutual Protection Society
  • Do Janli – Rather violent gang
  • UC Gundarks – Mutual Protection Society with lots of Evocii
  • Takini – Mutual Protection Society

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