Lamu the Hutt is a member of the Fa’athra kajidic. Unlike most of her hermaphroditic hutt brethren, Lamu identifies as female. She is focused on trade and finance, and finds many of the traditional hutt ventures to be too volatile.


The branch of the Fa’athra kajidic into which Lamu was born once was a power in the clan, but is now a shadow of its former self due to investing unwisely certain in drug and slave deals. For this reason, she is rather wary of the seedier side of hutt finance.

She never got along with her younger sibling, Velni, who she felt was making the same mistakes that sank their family, being heavily involved in the slave gladiator scene. Her opinions were validated when Velni was slain by a gamorrean named Sever that he seriously underestimated.


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