Delusions of Grandeur

Making Good Choices...

We got big big box from desert into the ship. Got rid of stowaways who beat up Jaden and killed the boss man, then set off to Nar Shadaa.

Mission died with Boss man, but we knew where box was headed, it is good the trip takes time as we had to make some choices. Jaden is good person, she wanted to trade box to help dead Boss’ clan like we planned. We didn’t know if he was to pay us out of pocket or if he was getting son and money. I argued if box is worth son and maybe money, then if we did not want son we could get son’s worth in credits. Murff saw worth in Jaden’s words, which worried me, Nah’zar I was sure would agree with me but just observed… Lizards. I thought all was lost, but Joren spoke for me. We were stuck, which led to our first good choice, to hack open secret Hutt box. Inside was cold burning butter cloth, they looked like lots of credits. Jaden and Murff tossed words back and forth on cost, figured they may be worth about same as our ship. Jaden and Murff stopped arguing full stop, we all need ship.

We got to Nar Shadaa a little afterwards, city city city, only city, better than sand though. For such a big city, it is a small world, among throng Joren saw living ghost. Got real twitchy, thought it was choppa time, but it never happened, we all kept waiting for it though. Got to Hutt’s casino, I took lead on arguing money with Hutt, this was our second good choice. I think box worth less now… but it still worth ship and job! I will be with this group for some time now as we share ship. They have bled with me well, they are my new clan, at least for now. My clan does not have tools they need for jobs though, and this job sounds hard. I made best choice, tough fight in pit, get money, get tools for clan!

Walked into pit, saw hardened giant Wookie…I have a baaad feeling about this. I know I may die, crowd is not sporting, they want to see death, my allies will not get tools and lose Muscle…I cannot lose this. This thought invaded my head, pushed out the hate fire, filled it with cold will to succeed. First fight I did not hate. We stood and chopped each other, I am still standing, he is not. But my head hurts, muscles torn deep, and missing an arm. Got good creds though so team got tools, now I sleep deeply till we get to job.

Like I said, we made good choices.



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