Delusions of Grandeur

Gamorrean Smogs are smooth

Nothing is ever easy. First the incident with the Second Legion and me getting the hell out of port when shit went down on my transport ship, Alter’s End. So, yeah, nothing is ever easy! We had a Twilek, Elav, get us out of jail from that Alter’s End buggery as a result of “disturbing business”. The catch was that he made an arrangement with us to help him with some work on Tatooine.

We traveled on the ship for a time and all did our own things. I tried to build some comradery by telling stories and asking questions. Time will tell how those bridges will hold up. Well, as soon as we cleared atmo’ close to Mos Shuuta we see this orange YT-1300 getting chased by 3 tie fighters. At that time I wondered what the hell was going on around here. Shortly after getting our loose orders to retrieve some items for Elav we were on our way to the cantina and happen to come across 6 dead storm troopers. I figured that was probably what was going on. We beat it to the cantina.

Random thought, Gamorrean Smog is where it’s at! Anyways, in the cantina I pleasantly learned that the scary Devaronian bartender can make a mean smog!

Part of the issue of retrieving the items for Elav was to not to get involved with Teemo the Hutt’s anything. This was to be under the radar from the gangster boss and his thugs. In the spirit of trying to find an undetectable way out of Mos Shuuta we engaged the bartender from the cantina. Seemed pretty reasonable at the time! We should have known better to talk to the person that everyone talks to. We quickly learned that he was on the payroll because he called Teemo’s lieutenant, Laxan, about our shady questioning. This brought some thugs down on us where they died, shit got hectic, and more people died. After some solid interrogation of the bartender we got a name of Tonar in Shantytown.

Luckily there was a secret hatch and after some negotiation with Tonar, we were able to get out and retrieve the goods. The crazy thing was that during all of the excitement we were never able to contact the ship. We decided to scouted the ship out and found that there was a trandoshan bounty hunter and two droids on the ship. They put up a fight but we were able to send Sever the Gamorrean power house to balance the scales. Unfortunately, we were too late to save Elav. He was dead on the floor of the ship and there was no stim in the galaxy that could have save him then. Jaden was beaten up pretty badly and I hope someone else can fly this ship. Nothing is ever easy!



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